I have no idea whats going on!

In addition to your music ticket, purchase an ADD ON: Camp in the Lot-Flat Parking – Vehicle up to 40′ ticket.  RV parking is simply parking your RV in the lot (Fri – Mon) and sleeping in it.  Music ticket is not included and must be purchased separately.

YES!!!!  Click here or “Get Your Tickets” in the upper right! 

  • No, but there’s cold beverages and tasty food through out the weekend!
  • No Ins and outs. Everything you need can be found onsite, so why would you want to leave?

Absolutely! Camping area has been expanded creating more room for the same number of people as in previous years!  YOU CAN HELP BY BEING MINDFUL NOT TO CLAIM MORE SPACE THAN NEEDED!  

What do I do when I arrive?

  • 3 Day Music & Camping ticket holders

    • Arrive early, check in at the gate to get your wristband and parking pass. If arriving during check in times 9:30 – Noon, you will be able to drive right up to the camping area, drop your gear, and move your car to the designated parking area on site. Set up camp and get ready to relax by the river and enjoy the scene!
  • Single Day ticket holders:



  • Sun protection (sun screen, hats, umbrellas)
  • Water bottles, cups, utensils, etc! Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Coolers
  • Low back chairs (no chairs allowed up front/center as we need room to dance, sway, spin and boogie!)
  • Food, drinks, and alcohol are ok, buutt….  our vendors and benefitting non profit will be so sad if you don’t partake in all the yummy and convenient food and drinks that will be available.  Thank you for supporting our vendors!

More Questions?

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  • Yes, we love animals, but you have to leave your dogs, cats, pigs, etc., at home.  Absolutely NO PETS ALLOWED on the festival grounds, sorry it’s not our rule and is strictly enforced
  • No amplified music after 10 pm
  • Sorry  no large lounge areas in camping area as we are trying to create enough space for ALL campers. If you set up your living room,  our late arrivals will not have a place to set up and sleep!
  • *****NO EZ ups that are not directly over your tent******
  • NEW CAMPGROUND RULE: No gas or charcoal BBQ
  • No campfires outside of designated bonfire area
  • No Mean People ❤️
  • No unauthorized vending – if you’re not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds.
  • Prohibited items may be added to this list at any time if necessary.

Rules and Regulations

  • HEADS UP! The Nugget is a private property/campground located on the South Fork of the American River. Be respectful of the land and amenities on site.
  • Swimming is an option, do keep in mind the water is swift and little ones should be monitored at all times, especially near the water. Swim at your own risk!
  • Tent camping is first come, first serve. Did we mention Space is limited???? Please get cozy with your neighbors and keep in mind there will be more campers coming! Our camp host will help you determine the best spot that suits your needs and leaves space for other happy campers.
  • Limited RV camping. RV camping = RV parking, no hookups. Literally a spot to park your RV with a place to lay your head after the music ends. No EZ ups, or setting up camp in the parking area. Don’t Let it Grow as there’s not much room to let your festival flags fly.
  • Car camping is allowed for an additional fee as this guarantees you will have a flat spot to park and sleep. Portable restrooms are easily accessed from the car camping area. The parking lot will be monitored and any vehicles not displaying the appropriate parking pass is subject to towing.
  • No fires outside of the designated bonfire area for obvious safety reasons.
  • Pack out what you pack in. Thanks for being a good human and pick up after yourself.

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